It’s a drizzly Saturday – time to tell you what’s going on in Chengdu.  Here’s a couple of comments:
– it is still amazing to see the prices on some things here.  We just bought 3 jin (over 3 pounds) of strawberries (Strawberries in March!  Wonderful) for less than $1.50.  They are tasty.
– We have been going to a marriage home group on Friday nights, and while the interaction is wonderful, the real reason for going is the pot luck dinner we have.  Don’t ever take pot lucks for granted.
– We got a plant for our house… and I just realized we haven’t shown you our new apartment yet!  We will try to get pictures of our apartment (still a work in progress) and school up to the album soon.
– The CDIS boys basketball team is in Qingdao for the ISC basketball tournament.  They got first place last year; as of last night, they had won two games.
That’s most all for now… time to get to work on some papers.