It’s Friday evening!  The weekend awaits.
The week was a normal one, if that is possible.  Wednesday held 3 after school meetings taking us to 9.30pm, but it was fun – we had a dinner meeting discussing a new opportunity to reach out to the local community through music.  Sarah and I are always interested in opportunities when music is involved…
Today was a busy day at school.  In addition to daily classes, the morning was filled with age-appropriate rounds of quiz bowling.  The Kindergarten-2nd grade was amazing!  The topic was social science, and they were coming up with answers for questions I don’t think some of the middle or high school students would have known.  All in all, a good time, but very busy; lots of set-up and take down.
Which is why the weekend came at a perfect time. 
Tomorrow, we head into town for Peter’s Tex Mex – the first time in almost a month!  It’s been too long.