We managed to sleep last night (amazingly enough!) in spite of the bombs and mortars going off all around us!  Today is the lunar New Year, so last night was REALLY LOUD!!!!!  We went up on the roof and were literally surrounded by fireworks!  Incredible!!  They apparently are a lot cheaper here than in the States – it seemed as though all the street vendors gave up selling what they usually sell and set up fireworks stands all down the road.  These aren’t your little sparklers and pinwheels, though – they looked like rockets!  The road to school this morning was littered with ash and red paper.  Apparently, the festivities don’t end with last night.  The firecrackers have already started up again this morning (8:30am) and will continue for another week or two.  So glad we’re going to Malaysia!!
We are successfully moved – piano and all – and almost completely unpacked!  It’s so nice to be close to school, but it is definitely out of the city!!  Dan and I went back to our old place yesterday to pick up a couple of things that got left behind, and the bus system definitely ate up our day!  It was all worth it, though, to have “one last meal” at Peter’s!  😀