The week has finally ended, and with that ends the Christmas plays! Sarah and I have been busy with both plays, and Tuesday marked the culmination of the Elementary School’s work while Friday night brought together all the achievements of the upper school.
I am so happy for my upper school play cast. Truth be known, I was a little worried when they were doing one last run-through 4 hours before performance… but they brought it all together and put on a great show. Props to the crew who did the set changes from bell choir to band to play – it was a ton of work, but they did well with it. Though my primary thought right now is that it is all over and I can have my life back now, I am also glad for the opportunity that I had to work on this.
Next week: finals! After that, the kids take off for their 3-week vacation. The staff, on the other hand, has had their break shortened to a 4-day weekend around Christmas. The end result of this change will be us settling in to our new school building – very exciting!