I’m taking it easy this afternoon… Sarah’s cooking a turkey for our early Thanksgiving at another apartment that has a larger oven, and I’m getting some grading done. This weekend has been full of fun and American food! Let me enlighten you…
Friday night was poker night with the boys. I hosted it here and made my first attempt at frying up chicken wings using the sauce my parents sent me from the states. They turned out wonderful. Let me just toss in a little plug for Frank’s Red Hot Sauce: It’s great. You should get some. So I didn’t win at poker, but everyone had good wings. Sarah made some cookies and we had Starbucks’ coffee, so we were all happy!
Saturday was a rest day. We had Pizza Hut for dinner. It was tasty.
We did the music at fellowship this morning; it was a good time of worship. This brings us up to now, with me eagerly waiting for the wonderful turkey and trimmings. Oh, I’m salivating. Excuse me.