What a weekend… Friday marked the last day of school until October 10th… a happy thing for students and teachers alike! We had a teacher in-service that evening, went home (for some reason, there were no taxis around. It’s fun walking with a guitar in the middle of a city – but I thought I would be doing that if I had pursued a different line of work), and experienced hot pot for the first time. Hot pot is a popular thing in China – essentially, you all sit around a vat of boiling, spicy oil and put things in it. A little later you fish them out and eat them. I wasn’t too thrilled. But hey, it’s the experience… oh, today was pay day! Always exciting. Saturday was a rest day and a chance to get ready for Sunday meeting. We also watched Aladdin! Today was busy… we went to a new restaurant for breakfast (actually, an old restaurant… they opened up a new location), rushed back for morning service, and spent the afternoon lounging. This evening we went back to the same restaurant. They had a 30 percent off thing going for their opening weekend – who could refuse! We finished the evening at friends playing cards for about 6 hours… which would explain why I’m writing this at 1.30 in the morning. Hope you enjoy, from whatever time zone you’re in!