It’s Monday! The Middle School kids got back late from their weekend trip, and didn’t come to school until 10. This left me with one class to teach today… a good time to plan! Tonight, Sarah and I went to Joyce’s for dinner (tasty!), and afterwards rode up to the center of the city (where a big statue of Mao is) to find the supposed grand opening of Starbucks. We found out that the store that we saw two weeks ago will be opening on Thursday, and there was another one down the road half a mile that opened today! Go figure – no Starbucks, and then 2 open in one week. So we went there… it’s Starbucks. Good stuff. I’ve been toying around with the server, trying to revamp some pictures on the site… the pictures in Album 1 are different, and there are some new ones there as well. Check it out!