The second week, and first full week, of school has ended, and I am starting to feel the groove. I can certainly see where I have many improvements to make, though. The kids have been great, with my getting on my feet during this first couple weeks and all. And this weekend helped me get a lot of stuff accomplished for the upcoming week. Middle School Chapel on Friday went really well, which was a huge blessing. Here at the homefront, Sarah went shopping for some furniture at the antique market yesterday, and it was delivered a couple of hours ago; it’s making the apartment look better already – and we haven’t even started using it yet! We also went shopping for some lamps today, a way to accent our living room and put some atmosphere in our bedroom. We like ’em. Oh, and in a very happy note, I bought episodes 4, 5, and 6 of Star Wars today. A very important development, let me tell you! Chinese lessons started this week for Sarah and I. We have a lot of work to do, but it will surely pay off… Other than guy’s night on Friday (I didn’t lose money in poker this time – I came home ahead) and schoolwork, things have been pretty easy going this week. China is a fun place. Come visit us sometime! Once our curtains get in, we’ll work on getting new pics of our apartment up.